Research Centers

Communication Service/Software Laboratory (CS Lab)

The Communication Service/Software Laboratory (CS Lab) is established in 2019. It is a research center under the College of Computer Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. The main purpose of the CS Lab is to advance the research and development of mobile communication networks, and to cooperate with professors and industrial experts in related fields to develop cutting-edge technologies for mobile communication networks. We also develop open-source software and provide professional services to the communities.

NYCU-Institute for Information Industry Joint Research Center

NYCU and the Institute for Information Industry reached an agreement to establish the Institute for Information Industry Joint Research Center on February 12, 2004, as NYCU President Chang Chun-Yan and CEO of the Institute for Information Industry Ko Chih-Sheng affixed their signatures on the Agreement, which would henceforth serve as the basis of cooperation between the two parties.

Big Data Technique Innovation Research Center

Big data technology is thriving worldwide, and its cross-field innovative application is an even more important trend. Considering that NYCU lacks an integrated organization for big data technology research and its cross-field applications, it is extremely necessary to plan and design a promotion system corresponding to the big data technology center to improve the development of NYCU in this crucial field. The center was established at the end of 2015.